Terms and Conditions of sale between
The company Bio-Ethic.com
Jean-Claude Despont
Le Bourg
47500 Blanquefort sur Briolance - France
Rcs company registered in Villeneuve sur Lot 432 626 901
Siret No. 432 626 901 0001 6

And the client
Here after named "the parties"

Bio-Ethic.com is a company which specializes in the sales of organic products, food or non food. The Bio-Ethic.com company sells its products worldwide via the internet (Website or e-mail) or by telephone, fax or mail. The company Bio-Ethic.com does not have a shop outside of its internet sites. All products sold by the company Bio-Ethic.com are listed on the websites of the company. The company Bio-Ethic.com does not distribute a printed catalogue.

Terms and Conditions
The current terms and conditions aim to define the terms of the sale between the company Bio-Ethic.com and its customers. Any person who orders on the websites www.bougies-auriculaires.com and www.bio-ethic.com whether they be an individual client or company are bound by these terms and conditions unless otherwise arranged by both parties. The online store sites www.bougies-auriculaires.com and www.bio-ethic.com have been set up by the Bio-Ethic.com company which is the operator of these sites. Any order for a product listed in the online store sites www.bougies-auriculaires.com and www.bio-ethic.com requires proper consultation of the terms and conditions. Consequently the consumer's agreement on the content of these conditions does not require the signature of this document as online the products are presented in the framework of the shop websites. The consumer has the obligation to prove the terms upon which the transaction was undertaken. Prior to ordering, the consumer agrees that the acquisition of these products is not directly related to their professional activity, their acquisition is reserved for personal use. The Bio-Ethic.com on-line shops give the following information. 1. Legal notification of the Bio-Ethic.com company's identity. 2. Information regarding essential characteristics of the products. 3. The price of the goods and delivery charges. 4. Information and arrangements regarding payment, delivery or performance. 5. Information and arrangements regarding the rights to return goods. 6. The duration and validity of prices and offers. 7. The conditions for canceling the contract when the time limit is undetermined or exceeds one year. 8. To give all information in English and that the consumer accepts that the terms and conditions are legally binding.

Article 1: Summary
The terms and conditions state in full the obligations of all parties. The consumer accepts, without reserve the arrangements as set out in the terms and conditions. No general or specific condition figuring in documents by consumers will be incorporated into the present terms and conditions due to being incompatible with the general terms and conditions.

Article 2: Object
The present terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties involved in on-line selling of goods and services proposed by the Bio-Ethic.com company to the consumer.

Article 3: Contractual Documents
The contract is formed by the following documents in descending order. The terms and conditions; the purchase order. In the event of any conflict between the provisions contained in these terms and conditions and the purchase order, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

Article 4: Purchase Date
These conditions come into force on the date of the signing of the purchase order. The terms and conditions of sale are valid from the time of providing goods until the guarantee of Bio-Ethic.com expires.

Article 5: Electronic Signature
The "double click" by the consumer on placing an order constitutes an electronic signature, which is as valid as a hand-written signature between the two parties.

Article 6: Confirmation of Order
The contractual information will form a confirmation of order, sent via e-mail or post to the address indicated on the purchase order no later than the time of delivery.

Article 7: Proof of Purchase
Proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties is stored in computer systems of the Bio-Ethic.com under reasonable conditions of safety, and can be produced as evidence of proof of purchase.

Article 8: Product Information
8a: Bio-Ethic.com company displays products on its website which conform to the Consumers Code Article L111 - 1, which allows potential customers to know essential ingredients before ordering. 8b: Offers by Bio-Ethic.com are only valid whilst limited stocks are available

Article 9: Price
Prices are quoted in euros and are valid until the date of dispatch of order by the consumer. They do not include delivery charges, billed as an extra, and indicated before the order. Prices include VAT at the date of the order and any change in the VAT rate will be reflected in the prices of the online store. Payment of the full price must be made when ordering. Deposits or installments will not be considered.

Article 10: Payment
To complete the order, the consumer has, as an option, all the payment methods listed in the order form. The consumer guarantees to the company Bio-Ethic.com it has the required permission to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of the order. The Bio-Ethic.com reserves the right to suspend any order and/or delivery in the case of refusal of payment by any credit card from officially accredited bodies or non payment. The Bio-Ethic.com reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or an order from a consumer who has not settled completely or partially a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is under litigation.

Article 11: Availability of products
Insofar as available stocks, the orders are processed on the day after being placed in the case of on-line credit card payments or within 8 days of receipt of payment by cheque.

Article 12: Delivery
The products are delivered to the address specified by the customer on the order form and only in France with regard to alcohol and in the Euro zone for all other items. The consumer has to check the packaging of the goods upon delivery and report any damage to the carrier at the delivery time and to the company Bio-Ethic.com within a period of a week. The consumer may, upon request, obtain an invoice to the billing address and not the delivery address (note that a copy is automatically sent by email). When we send a shipment, you immediately receive an email informing you.

Article 13: Damaged Goods
Any problem concerning the delivery (damage, missing product than stated on the slip, damaged package, broken parts ...) must be written on the delivery slip as "damaged goods", accompanied by the signature of the customer. The consumer must confirm this problem by sending the carrier within the two days following the date of delivery a recorded delivery letter stating the problem. The consumer must send a copy of this letter by fax or mail to: Bio-Ethic.com Jean-Claude Despont Le Bourg 47500 Blanquefort sur Briolance - France

Article 14: Error of Delivery
The consumer must make to the company Bio-Ethic.com on the day of delivery or no later than the first business day after delivery, any claim of error of delivery and/or nonconformity of the goods as compared to the indications on the order form. Any complaint made after this time will be rejected. The claim procedure from the company Bio-Ethic.com may be made: - Primarily by logging on our website under "Contact Us", you can ask your question through the menu contact us indicating the order reference. Any claim not made in the rules defined above, and in the time limits, could not be taken into account and will release the company Bio-Ethic.com any responsibility with respect to the consumer. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Bio-Ethic.com will assign a reference number of exchange of the product via email. The exchange of a product can take place only after the allocation to the consumer of a reference number of exchange as outlined above. In case of error of delivery or exchange any product for exchange or refund must be returned to the company Bio-Ethic.com as a whole and in its original packaging to the following address: Bio-Ethic.com Jean-Claude Despont Le Bourg 47500 Blanquefort sur Briolance - France To be accepted, any return must be reported to Customer Services of the company Bio-Ethic.com prior to sending. The shipping costs shall be borne by the company Bio-Ethic.com, except where it would prove that the returned product does not correspond to the original claim made by the consumer.

Article 15: Product Warranty
In accordance with Article 4 of Decree No. 78-464 of 24 March 1978, the provisions may not deprive consumers of any legal guarantee which requires the seller to guarantee against all the consequences of defects of the product sold. The consumer is expressly informed that the company Bio-Ethic.com is not the producer of the products presented in the context of the website, under Law No 98-389 of 19 May 1998 relative to the responsibility of defective products. Consequently, in case of damage to a person or property by a defect in the product, only the liability of the producer could be sought by the consumer, based on information on the packaging of the product. The conditions and the manufacturer warranty period are shown on the products.

Article 16: Return of Goods
The consumer shall have 7 days from the date of delivery to return unwanted goods at their own expense. If this deadline expires on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or bank holidays, it is extended to the next working day. The return must be reported to Customer Services at the Bio-Ethic.com company prior to return by logging onto the website and clicking on "Contact us". The product must be returned to: Bio-Ethic.com Jean-Claude Despont Le Bourg 47500 Blanquefort sur Briolance - France Only products returned in their entirety, in their original packaging complete and intact and in perfect condition for resale will be refunded. Any product that has been damaged or whose original packaging has been damaged, will not be refunded or exchanged. The returns policy is without penalty apart from return costs. The consumer has the right to ask for a refund or exchange. In the case of exchange the delivery will be charged to the customer. In the case of a refund Bio-Ethic.com company will make every effort to refund the customer within 15 days. The customer will be refunded directly into their bank account where payment has been made by credit card.

Article 17: Force Majeure
Where delay or failure of contractual obligations is due to any cause beyond reasonable control, such as acts of God or force majeure. It will be considered as an act of God or force majeure if there are any unavoidable circumstances, external to the parties, unpredictable, inevitable, independent of the will of the parties and which could not be prevented by the latter, despite all efforts reasonably possible. The party affected by the circumstances will inform the other within 10 working days following the date of the incident. The two parties will examine the impact of the circumstances within 1 month of the event (unless the event is continuing) and agree terms for the continuation of the contract. If the force majeure lasts longer than three months then the injured party may terminate the contract without penalty. Specifically causes considered as causes beyond reasonable control can be the blocking of means of transport or, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning; telecommunication network failure or difficulties with telecommunication networks.

Article 18: Invalidity
If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are deemed by any competent authority or court to be invalid, the validity of the other provisions of this agreement will not be affected.

Article 19: No Waiver
That one of the parties cannot assume that if a condition or obligation has not been upheld for the duration of that agreement then that this condition or obligation will be waivered in future agreements.

Article 20: Headings
The headings of the clauses in these terms are for convenience only Should there be any difficulty in the interpretation of the clauses then the headings will be ignored as non-existent.

Article 21: Applicable Law
These general conditions are subject to French law. In case of dispute or claim, the consumer will apply primarily to the company Bio-Ethic.com to find an amicable solution.

Article 22: Freedom of Information
The information that is required of customers to process the order will be communicated to partners of the Bio-Ethic.com company involved in carrying out this order. The customer can write to the Bio-Ethic.com company at the address in these terms and conditions or via the website to oppose this communication or exercise their right to access and correction of the information contained in Bio-Ethic.com company files. As stated by decree of 6th January 1978. Our company does not pass on any information to third parties.

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