The ear plugs, or ear candles, or hollow candles use an ancient technique for natural ear cleaning. The origins of this technology is attributed to the Hopi Indians of Arizona, but it can also be found in Asia. It seems that even in the French countryside there was a technique of using hollow candles, but almost certainly constructed of different materials i.e. burlap or linen sheets or plant leaves. Even if it is not proved that the Hopi Indians are at the root of this technique, they had such a knowledge of natural hygiene practices and such capacity to pass on their knowledge that the origins of these candles was attributed to them.

The hollow candles have a real power to clean the ear, together with a real relaxation effect. Indeed, when using the candle the heat from the flame creates a vacuum in the ear canal which softens the impurities which are naturally breathed from the ear into the tube of the candle. I addition the heat combined with the natural essential oils provides a feeling of relaxed well-being.
Of course, the real benefit is achieved through regular use which we have recommended.
Using hollow candles is not dangerous, just follow the instructions set out on the "Usage" page.

This product is not a medicine. It is for external use only. Bio-ethic assumes no responsibility for the incorrect usage of these products.

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